Backpack Tips

Backpack Tips

CHOOSING A BACKPACK – Backpacks should have padded straps and reflective material for visibility.


WEIGHT – Just out of curosity... put your child's backpack on the bathroom scale. Are you surprised at the weight?


The backpack should weigh no more that 15% of a child's weight.

For example:

·         child 75 lbs= backpack 10lbs

·         child 100 lbs=backpack 15 lbs

·         child 125 lbs = backpack 18lbs

·         child 150 lbs = backpack 20lbs


When loading the backpack, you can lighten the load by putting the heaviest items closest to the straps, so the weight sits closer to your child’s back. Multiple pockets will help distribute the weight as well.


Watch for signs that the backpack is too heavy.  When they are wearing the backpack is there:

·         a change in posture

·         a struggle when putting it on or taking it off

·         pain

·         tingling or numbness in arms

·         red marks on the shoulders


WEARING A BACKPACK – Have your child put the backpack on and check these things.

·         Where is it sitting? – the bottom pack should rest in the curve of the hips, never more than 4 inches below the waist.

·         Are they wearing both straps? – Carrying the pack with one strap can make them to lean to one side, causing the spine to curve and possible pain or discomfort.


Watch for signs that the backpack is adjusted correctly

·         How are they standing? .. straight or leaning forward

·         Are they leaning sideways or arching their back?



Take a minute now and prevent problems later!


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