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My name is Julie Yongue. I've taught kindergarten, first grade and second grade in my 12 years of teaching. I am so excited about being a part of this journey with you and your child and enhancing your child's learning experience through art integration. Your child will experience many adventures throughout this year in their academics, friendships and our school community. They will explore learning through new outlets of visual arts, dance, theater and music allowing it to become meaningful and personal. 
Strong communication between parent, teacher and child promotes all around success in education so I can always be reached by email or by phone at 704-932-4161. Please remember my door is always open for questions, concerns or comments.

College(s) Attended/Degrees Earned:
I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a bachelor's degree in Elementary education K-6 and I have received my National Board certification.
Educational Philosophy/Vision:
Elementary school is a time for your child to explore who they are as a learner, allow their curiosities to guide their research and passion for education which will escalate their want to discover more about the world around them.. My goal as your child's teacher is to open up doors of understanding, exploration, fun and excitement and allow your child to learn in a way that is comfortable for them.

* retelling stories by identifying the setting, characters, problems, solution, beginning, middle, end
*using reading strategies to figure out unknown words in stories
*reading comprehension
*fiction Vs. nonfiction
* asking and answering questions 
                * point of view and identifying main idea
Letterland: Magic E with all long vowels and2 vowels go out walking
* Place value and expanding into an equation
* comparing numbers using more than, less than and equal to
*finding missing addends
*story problems
* number bonds ( 6+4=10,4+6=10,10-4=6,10-6=4)
* Measurement
                *Partioning (simple fractions)
Writing: Opinion writing
*Your child will be stating their opinion and stating 3 reasons for their opinion.
* Components needed in their writing is a topic sentence, 3 facts and closing sentence

Science: Needs and enviorment of plant and animals
Social studies:   How to become a good citizen, what characteristics make a good citizen

Support at Home

-Please read with your child every night to help them develop early reading skills.  
-Review sight words nightly. You can even start a word wall or look in your house to find letters/words to support your child throughout the school year.  

National Board Certified
Nationally Board Certified

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